Remembrance of Things Past

Marcel Proust is widely considered a master of 20th Century literature – possibly the closest thing the world has come to Shakespeare since Shakespeare himself. However, there are a few barriers to his work. Firstly it’s in French, which is an obvious issue for non-francophones; and secondly, his best known work, Remembrance of Things Past (or In Search of Lost Time as it’s also translated) is over 3,000 pages long, featuring 2,000 characters. He didn’t even finish editing it before he died, leaving it to be published by his brother.

Luckily for comic fans, Stéphane Heuet is publishing an altogether more accessible graphic novel version in multiple volumes, with beautiful European-style illustration. A perfect introduction to Proust for comic fans who aren’t quite ready to tackle the real thing.

Remembrance of Things Past 1 Remembrance of Things Past 2 Remembrance of Things Past 3 Remembrance of Things Past 4
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