Romance Papa

Despite a ridiculously dubious sounding name, don’t let first impressions based on the title put you off this teen-romance comic presuming, of course, that teen-romance comics are your thing. The titular father of the piece is Sangbum, a plastic surgeon who finds out he has a 13-year-old daughter called Myunghae, courtesy of a sperm donation he made while a student. When Myunghae’s adoptive parents are killed, Sangbum ends up with the anonymous donor’s nightmare – responsibility for the child he’s the biological father of.

The romance part of the title doesn’t involve Sangbum but Myunghae. Like most girls her age, she’s infatuated with boys and is on the cusp of developing the first loves of her life. But, as usual, the path that teen romance takes is rarely the expected or desired route.

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