Spirou & Fantasio: Adventure Down Under

Spirou & Fantasio has been around since 1938, following a tradition of Belgian graphic novels that started with Tintin. Having been passed on to various writers and artists over the years, Cinebook is picking up from the 34th book, originally published in 1985.

Spirou is a Tintin-esque boy reporter, who travels the world fighting villains and righting wrongs. Written and illustrated by Tome and Janry, this book sees Spirou and his sidekick Fantasio travel to Australia to help a friend of a friend, who claims to have uncovered a great treasure. Trouble is, by the time they get there, the treasure hunter has already fallen foul of greedy prospectors.

The book has a very cartoony feel – more Asterix than Tintin – and should appeal to readers from 8-years-old.

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