Spooks 2: Century Club

The second volume of Spooks wraps up the storyline started in the first

Spooks: Morton ChapelThe second volume in the Spooks series wraps up the storyline started in the first book, so is an essential companion volume. It completes the integration of Kathryn Lennox into the team, and solves the violent mystery to a satisfying conclusion, leaving the path clear for a new story in the next book.

There are elements of realism dragged into the fantasy to give it depth. The main antagonist, for example, turns out to be Aleister Crowley, the infamous British practitioner of black arts. This gives the series a sort of historical X-Files feel.

Spooks 2: Century ClubThe art is as impressive as in the first volume, with an almost sepia hue running throughout, which helps cement the period setting.

This is sophisticated supernatural adventure, aimed at adults and well executed. The team remains a bit stereotypical but some depth is added to the characters here, which goes some way to addressing this imbalance.

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