Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 6 – On the Fields of Battle

Star Wars: Clone Wars - Obi-WanThe Clone Wars series has been working its way towards this moment for some time and it’s in this volume that the two threads we’ve been following finally come together. As a result, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos have something of a reunion, though the question remains whether Vos’s deep undercover work has sent him plummeting into the dark side in a spooky precursor to the happenings of Revenge of the Sith.

Star Wars: Clone WarsMeanwhile, Mace Windu and a bunch of Jedi chums face a group of bounty hunters who’ve accepted a job to swap Jedi scalps for cash; Anakin gets frustrated at being left on the sidelines (but gets a long-awaited light-sabre battle at the end to make up for it); and Aayla Secura shakes her blue fleshy bits (no, the ones on her head) in a stealth mission of her own.

Ostrander, Duursema and Parsons get nearly all the work in this and it’s no bad thing. Unlike the last book’s relatively slow pace, this title is crammed with explosions, starship battles and flashing lightsabers. Having said this, the short aside from Stradley and Badeaux is no slouch either.

So it’s back on form for the Clone Wars saga with plenty of action and a handful of cracking stories, chronicling the further adventures of the movies’ Jedi. What more could a Star Wars fan ask for?

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