Swamp Thing 5: Earth to Earth

Swamp Thing: Earth to Earth - AbbyIf the whole Crisis on Infinite Earths thing in the previous Swamp Thing volume cheesed you off as much as it did us, Earth to Earth brings a pleasant return to Moore’s usual form. Swamp Thing ditches his daft superhero buddies in the first few pages and tootles off for a reunion with his partner. Of course, thanks to Moore laying some sneaky plot lines you may have barely noticed amongst the Crisis nonsense, it turns out that Abby has been incarcerated for communing with vegetables. Held in Batman’s Gotham City, there’s no prizes for guessing who Swamp Thing’s going to have to do battle with to try and win her back. That Batman’s role in this volume is actually rather small is, in our opinion, a bit of a bonus.

Swamp Thing: Earth to Earth - Swamp ThingInterestingly, there are elements of the plot of this book that resonate through into Moore’s Watchmen. Without giving too much away, compare and contrast the Comedian’s funeral in the rain and Dr. Manhattan’s trip to Mars with certain chapters from this book, and you’ll see what we mean.

None of this detracts from the story though, which should certainly leave you begging for more. Veitch and Alcala step into the groove and start producing more solid work, but it’s Moore’s ability to continue growing his characters through this ongoing series that is most impressive of all.

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