Tank Girl: Carioca

Tank Girl, drawn by classic Judge Dredd artist Mike McMahon

Tank GirlWith every Tank Girl story I read nowadays, I mourn her passing a little bit more. Carioca does nothing to reverse this trend, wheeling her out once more for another stab at anarchic entertainment, but ending up looking decidedly middle-aged.

One of the key things about Tank Girl is that she’s got a grungy sex appeal about her. McMahon’s illustration doesn’t do sexy particularly well, which isn’t a problem when he’s drawing Judge Dredd, but has a detrimental impact on a Tank Girl comic.

Tank Girl meditatingHe also adds little to the story. Jamie Hewlett was deeply engaged in the character and much of the comic’s style, attitude and humour came from background gags. Rufus Dayglo helped resuscitate the character in Band Wind Rising, clearly influenced by Hewlett’s style. McMahon hasn’t travelled that path and it reaffirms that, with Tank Girl, the art has got to be right for a story to work.

Having said that, Alan Martin’s story is equally flat. It blends a couple of interesting ideas in its mix but it doesn’t feel inspired. This story feels like it’s been rattled off – a loose collection of ideas rather than a serious attempt at a decent story. It lacks heart and is a disappointment because of it.

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