The Big Hoax

An elaborate hoax has been created to keep the birth rate of a banana republic down but now the woman at its centre wants out.

The Big Hoax cover

The latest noir to come out of Titan Comics’ Hard Case Crime imprint is The Big Hoax, a steamy and sultry gangster-era saga, set in the fictional banana republic of La Colonia.

The story revolves around Miranda Centurion, a young woman whose untouched sexual purity becomes a local myth when rumours start spreading of her ability to heal the sick. However, this life of purity is a complete fiction and something she’s looking to escape from. She enlists the help of an ex-cop but is hunted by an evil hitman called The Iguana, leaving a trail of violence, sex and murder in her wake.

Written by Argentinian writer Carlos Trillo and illustrated by Roberto Madrafina, The Big Hoax is out now.

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