Brave and the Bold, The: The Lords of Luck

The Brave and the Bold has been synonymous with DC Comics’ team-ups since 1955. Traditionally the series joins two of the publisher’s superheroes together for a short story spanning a single issue. In this updated version, writer Mark Waid gets the ball rolling with Batman and Green Lantern in the first chapter, but then splits them off, with each subsequent chapter calling up a variety of different heroes including Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Lobo and The Legion of Superheroes.

When Batman and the Green Lantern find out that someone has stolen the Book of Destiny they need to find it and get it back. Trouble is, the person who stole it can find out exactly what’s going to happen at any particular time and change the future, leaving it necessary for DC’s finest to form some unusual alliances to combat this seemingly impossible threat. Illustrated by George Pérez and Bob Wiacek.