City of Abacus, The

Singer-songwriter VV Brown joins a growing tradition of musicians moving into comics with a dystopian sci-fi thriller

Singers and musicians moving into comics isn’t a new phenomena – look at Gerard Way’s amazing Umbrella Academy if you need any proof of how well it can work out.

VV Brown is the latest songwriter to turn her hand to comics with The City of Abacus, a dystopian sci-fi vision that echoes Orwell’s 1984, albeit set on an unusual alien planet. Freeda, the book’s heroine, just happens to have a roll-back fringe hairdo just like Brown’s, though we hope Brown doesn’t also secretly share Freeda’s unusual, bird-like, backward-bending legs. Freeda finds herself escaping the mind control of Abacus’s evil queen but is soon on the run from the authorities. Who is the man who helps her escape, and how did her father get involved in creating a brain-washing machine from an ancient electronic keyboard?

Currently only available as part one of seven in a periodical format, Brown hopes to publish the entire series as a graphic novel when it’s complete later this year. In the mean time, visit The City of Abacus website to keep abreast of the story, or buy the first chapter for £3.99.

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