Clouds Above, The

The Clouds AboveUPDATE: Now available in paperback

The Clouds Above is a fantasy adventure, aimed at children but with enough to it that their parents can enjoy it too. Young Simon and his talking but somewhat over-weight cat Jack (both of whom have appeared in other work by Crane) are late for school. On their meandering way they find a magical stairway that leads them to adventures amongst the clouds. Simon teaches one particular cloud that it can fly off on its own and the cloud takes the pair on further adventures, where they meet not so friendly storm clouds and an enormous flock of birds – and we probably don’t need to tell you that cats and birds don’t mix. Will they ever make it back to school? And if they do, how much trouble will they be in?

The Clouds AboveCrane’s charming story is an imaginative fantasy that’s bound to appeal to literate youngsters, thanks to its down-to-earth main characters, the incredible journey they go on and the colourful, child-friendly art. Each page holds a single panel so it’s easy to follow – a great introduction to sequential art for the uninitiated.

If you know a young child who is old enough to enjoy a beautifully illustrated and presented book, but not so old that they won’t read anything except Harry Potter, The Clouds Above is a magical journey you can enjoy together.

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