Lindbergh Child, The

Rick Geary has moved his Treasury of Victorian Murder out of the 19th and into the 20th century with his latest true crime graphic novel, which investigates the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindebergh Jnr. Infant child of Charles Lindebergh, the first pilot to fly single-handed across the Atlantic, Lindebergh Jnr was taken from his cot on the evening of March 1st 1932. An attempt was made to blackmail the Lindberghs and the convoluted crime turned into one of the biggest stories of the time, as the mystery deepened and the police failed to find the culprit.

In his book Geary sets out the details of the kidnapping and the subsequent investigation, bringing his sharp, draughtsman-like style to help clarify the detail in a shocking, horrific and ultimately heart-breaking crime.

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