The Man Who Shot Chris Kyle: An American Legend – Part 1

The latest book from Fabien Nury and Brüno is a graphic documentary about the murder of Chris Kyle. Kyle was the author of American Sniper, the book about Kyle’s experiences in the US Army that was made into a Hollywood blockbuster

Cover of The Man Who Shot Chris Kyle

I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve read by Fabien Nury and Brüno, but I wasn’t expecting the next thing I’d see from the pair to be a documentary of sorts. But here I am, staring down the barrel of a book about the famous American Sniper and the events that lead up to his death.

Collected in two volumes, this first book takes us through some of the background, introducing the key players, up to the moment that Kyle is shot.

Considering this comes from the pen of the man who brought us The Death of Stalin, I’m not sure what to expect from this autobiographical dramatisation of events, but I’m certainly looking forward to finding out.

Watch this page for my review, coming soon.

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