Thunderbolt Jaxon

Like Albion before it, Thunderbolt Jaxon is a reworking of a classic British comic from the darkest recesses of IPC’s archives. Written by Dave Gibbons with art by John Higgins, it also reunites the art team of Watchmen, which is something of an event in itself.

Jack Jaxon and his friends unwittingly reawaken the Norse gods from thousands of years of limbo. But being gods, they soon unearth a whole pantheon’s worth of bad feeling amongst one another and restart a long forgotten war. Naturally, wars between gods tend to be ultra-destructive but there seems little Jack can do to stop them, until he manages to channel the greatest of the gods (Thor, no less) and becomes Thunderbolt Jaxon. But once you’ve become a superhero, can there ever be any going back or is Jack’s childhood lost forever?

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