Whatever Happened to the World’s Fastest Man?

Caught somewhere between a comic and a graphic novel, Whatever Happened to the World’s Fastest Man? is the latest release from British indy publisher Accent UK, the team also responsible for superior anthology Robots.

This short, 50-page book is the self contained story of a man who can stop time – a bit like the Hiro character in Heroes. However, this guy isn’t hung up on saving the world or even using his powers much; he’d rather live a quiet life, saving people from danger if he’s able, but essentially just living like a normal person. One day, events catch up with him though, and he finds himself in the blast zone of a mad scientist’s bomb. Set to blow up the centre of London within the hour, with a two mile blast radius, it would seem that even the fastest man alive might struggle to save any more than a handful of people. What’s he to do?

This is a heart-warming story, deftly told with humour, pathos and flair. Watch out for it – this is a definite one-to-watch.

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