When Stars Are Scattered

The true story of Omar Mohamed, who grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya, solely responsible for the health and welfare of his younger brother.

When Stars Are Scattered cover

Omar Mohamed is a Somalian who spent some of his childhood in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. When Stars Are Scattered is a graphic novelisation of his story by Victoria Jamieson.

Life is hard for Omar as he’s separated from his mother and has to look after his little brother, Hassan. Despite constant hunger, he devotes his life to bettering himself and ensuring his brother is safe.

According to UK publisher Faber:

When Stars Are Scattered is an intimate, important and unforgettable look at the lives of these young refugees, that will restore your faith in real-life happy endings.

When Stars Are Scattered will be published in the UK on 2 July 2020.

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