Why Are You Doing This?

Why Are You Doing This? - policeJason takes a giant leap with Why Are You Doing This?, bringing both speech and colour into his work. What stays the same is the anthropomorphic characters, the superb simple line drawing and the bleak undertow of menace that makes Jason’s work so much more sophisticated than first impressions might suggest.

Why Are You Doing This - AlexWhy Are You Doing This? follows Alex, who sees the face of a hitman in a window while looking after a friend’s houseplants. This triggers a series of unfortunate events that culminate in Alex himself being framed for murder and trying to clear his name.

It’s a superb minimalist thriller with a gripping plot and wonderful understated characters. Jason shows that he’s as capable of writing tight, economical dialogue as he is of drawing simple upright animal characters. That they still manage to portray emotional range is testament to both his writing and his artwork.

With Jason’s craft going from strength to strength there’s no better time to jump on the bandwagon, with this great story managing to bring him closer to the mainstream, while simultaneously carving out his own unique path.

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