A Radical Shift of Gravity

Imagine a world that’s been changed by a massive global event. Not that difficult to do, in the spring of 2020, but at least we’ve still got ground to stand on. This isn’t the case in the sci-fi world of A Radical Shift of Gravity, which explores what might happen to a family if gravity disappeared.

Cover of A Radical Shift of Gravity

A Radical Shift of Gravity is a beautiful watercolour sci-fi graphic novel by Nick Tapalansky and Kate Glasheen. In it, the world has been transformed. Gravity is changing, and people are literally no longer grounded. Noah, a young journalist, finds himself at the forefront of documenting the changes.

However, he also falls in love and starts a family. With a rebellious daughter who just wants to break free of her parents’ shackles, the book explores how parents and children might adapt in a world that’s very different to ours, but that remains remarkably similar.

A Radical Shift of Gravity is out now from Top Shelf.

3 thoughts on “A Radical Shift of Gravity”

  1. Sounds like the same premise as Skyward from Image Comics. But they went somewhere completely different with their story.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s got great action and some beautiful art. There’s even a couple of twists and some interesting world-building. I’d definitely recommend it.

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