Anna Mercury

Collecting a creator-owned mini-series by Warren Ellis and Facundo Percio, Anna Mercury is an intriguing sort of heroine. She lives in a city of the future, of the kind imagined by 1950s pulp sci-fi writers. She’s got big hair, big boobs and she wears an oh-so-tight leather outfit. And like most Warren Ellis characters, she’s disruptive and disrespectful of authority. She’s also athletic enough to leap and bound through the city of New Ataraxia so quickly that its inhabitants aren’t quite sure whether she’s real or not. But what she wants to do is stop the ruling technocrats of this sci-fi city from unleashing a strange and destructive new weapon on their neighbours.

If it sounds a bit vague it’s supposed to – mystery was part of the original marketing strategy for the series and we’re not going to blow a hole in that now. Suffice to say that if you want a Warren Ellis fix, and you fancy a bit of 50s-style sci-fi that’s been brought kicking and screaming into the present day, Anna Mercury Volume 1: The Cutting could be well worth a look.

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