Dungeon: Zenith Volume 3 – Back in Style

After an initial flurry of books, it feels a bit like the Dungeon series has slowed right down, though that might just be because we’re so eager to read more. Created by Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar, this fantasy pastiche hides a complex world of monsters and adventurers, spanning generations and told from a variety of perspectives.

The Zenith sub-series is the main meat of the story, which examines the comings and goings of the fictional dungeon in its heyday, successfully running as a honey-trap for greedy adventurers looking for adventure and treasure. There are two stories in this volume, one in which the entrepreneurial Keeper of the dungeon tries to get married but his bride-to-be falls for his hapless underling Herbert instead; while the other sees Herbert attempt to return to his home town in disguise since, for various reasons, he isn’t welcome to show his face there.

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