Batman: False Faces

With the movie racing towards our cinema screens it comes as little surprise that the Batman books are starting to burst off the shelves. The best news, however, is that some top names are involved, and False Faces is a collection of stories written by one of DC Comics’ hottest properties – Brian K. Vaughan. Delving deep into the schizophrenic potential of the Bruce Wayne/Batman personality, False Faces sees a pre-superstar-status Vaughan cutting his teeth on DC’s finest superheroes – a rare treat that should certainly not to be missed by fans of the creator who went on to bring us Y The Last Man, Ex Machina and Pride of Baghdad. A word of warning though – despite the title of the book, some of the stories contained in it only feature Wonder Woman. If you’re looking for a complete Batman experience, rather than a complete Vaughan experience, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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