Superman: Camelot Falls

UPDATE: Volume 2 now available.

Camelot falls is a series of two Superman graphic novels taken from the regular run of monthly comics, starting from issue 654, written by Kurt Busiek and expertly illustrated by Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino.

It’s well known that Superman has his home town of Metropolis covered – with Supes as its protector, there’s little left that could possibly go wrong. So instead he turns his attention to Kazakhstan, where an old friend is in desperate need of help. However, while solving these problems he also uncovers an ancient prophecy, which seems to tell of the downfall of Metropolis at the hands of its great protector. There’s a chance that Superman can stop the prophecy from fulfilling itself, but it might mean he has to change himself, and stop being the Superman we’re so familiar with. After all, by saving humanity, often from itself, countless times, has he intrinsically changed it? In order to really save the world, must he let it destroy itself? Existential questions abound in this two-part collection.

Superman: Camelot Falls Volume 2 - The Weight of the World Superman: Camelot Falls Volume 2 - The Weight of the World
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