Guin Saga Manga, The: The Seven Magi

UPDATE: Volume 3 now available

The Guin Saga is an epic series of fantasy novels by Japanese author Kaoru Kurimoto. With the first volume published back in 1979, it currently numbers at over 100 books, which cover both the main plot and also expand the fantasy world by exploring other characters and stories based on it.

This is the first spin-off in comic form and takes one of the side stories from the novels as its starting point. Guin, the main hero of the novels, is a barbarian warrior, similar to western characters like Conan and Tarzan, but cursed with a leopard mask that he cannot remove. Like Conan, he’s become king of his land in this tale but as we well know, with great power comes great responsibility, especially when you’re a man of action rather than politics. So when his country is hit by a plague, he feels it’s his duty to go off adventuring in search of a cure, making this a perfect starting point for fantasy fans looking for a bit of eastern magic.

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