Batman: Harley and Ivy

Batman’s always been a bit of a one for the femme fatales – look at his love-hate relationship with Catwoman. Must be the millionaire playboy in him slipping out. But Catwoman isn’t the only female problem in Bats’ life. Poison Ivy has been troubling him for some time, while the Joker’s girlfriend, Harlequin, has also proved herself to be more than just a clown.

This collection of three stories takes its cue from the not-quite-so-Dark-Knight animated series, where Harlequin first appeared under the direction of writer Paul Dini and artist Bruce Timm. In fact, Dini scripts two of the three stories on offer (Judd Winick takes the third), one of which is also illustrated by Timm. The emphasis here is on sassy, sexy villainesses, doing their thing around Gotham – Batman appears but the spotlight is on the wacky, flirty antics of Harley and Ivy.

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