WildStorm horror classics

WildStorm has three classic horror franchises on its books and has turned the terrifying tales into graphic novels.

1973’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre made its name as a gruesome ‘video nasty’ when it was banned in the UK. Hollywood has already had a crack at remaking it, and this comic reworking takes the tale on to the next stage, billing itself as the sequel to the remake. Leatherface and his family of Texan cannibals look set to make a meal of the FBI when the Feds come knocking on their door in search of a missing person or two.

Or, if hockey-mask wearing Jason is more your thing, there’s Friday the 13th. This is another new story, following in the tradition of the numerous films. When a team of teenagers are engaged to fix up a decrepit summer camp on the shores of Crystal Lake, you know they’re not going to be too far from waking the bogey-man himself.

Last but certainly not least, Freddy Kreuger’s back too, in A Nightmare on Elm Street, which features two brand new stories of the dream-dwelling finger-bladed stalker.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - cover Friday the 13th - cover A Nightmare on Elm Street - cover
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