Blade Runner 2019: Volume 2 – Off World

The second collected volume in the Blade Runner series from Titan Comics, set at the same time as the original Ridley Scott movie classic

Blade Runner 2019 Volume 2 cover

The second collection in Titan Comics’ Blade Runner stories picks up where Volume 1 – Los Angeles left off. Female Blade Runner Ash rescued the daughter of a Tyrell Corporation executive from being experimented on by her father’s evil business. Now we find her Off World, on one of the harsh extra-planetary colonies where captured replicants are sent to live out their lives. Interestingly, although mentioned in the original 1982 film, this is the first time Off World has been visualised.

The book comes from the same creative team that brought us the first volume, including writer Michael Green who co-wrote the screenplay of the Blade Runner 2049 movie. Check out some preview pages, below.

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