Concrete Surfer

Pat Mills and Christine Ellingham brought the skateboarding craze to girls comics in 1978, with a story of two girls locked in a childhood rivalry.

Concrete Surfer cover

Pat Mills might be better known for his 2000AD work on Slaine, Nemesis the Warlock and the ABC Warriors, but he also devoted professional time to girls comics, when titles such as Jinty and Misty were flying off the news stands.

Concrete Surfer is a typical example, telling the story of Jean, forced to go and live with her Aunt, Uncle and expert gymnast cousin Carol. When it turns out that Jean is as good at skateboarding as Carol is at gymnastics, a bitter rivalry grows between the two girls.

Illustrated by Christine Ellingham and published by Rebellion’s Treasury of British Comics imprint, it’s available digitally and in an exclusive webstore edition from 25 June 2020. The wider release comes out 17 September 2020.