Dangerous Woman, A

Biographies are still a bit thin on the ground in the ‘graphic novel’ section of your local bookshop, but not as scarce as biographies of female 20th Century immigrant American revolutionaries. A Dangerous Woman is set to fill that gap with aplomb, however, being a biography of Emma Goldman: a Lithuanian immigrant, vehemently opposed to the rough end of capitalist society where she finds herself. She fills her life with controversial politics, going on to fight for the rights of women, serving three prison sentences for her anarchist views (supporting what are now widely regarded as basic human rights like birth control and sex outside wedlock, and fighting conscription), witnessing the Russian Revolution and getting directly involved in the Spanish Civil War. ‘Red Emma’ was undoubtedly an amazing woman and it’s great to see her further immortalised in comics, courtesy of Sharon Rudahl’s ambitious biography.

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