D.O.W. Volume 1: The Wings of the Wolf

D.O.W. is a modern-day crime thriller set in the underworld of Nice, France

D.O.W. cover

Think of a caped vigilante standing astride some gothic architecture and you’d be forgiven for assuming we were going to talk about Batman. However, this series from writer Thilde Barboni and artist Gabor swaps Gotham for the French Riviera.

Alexandre Marni is a tattoo artist with a secret past: he’s a direct descendent of the Russian royal family, who were overthrown in the 1917 revolution. Now, as he inks the skins of Russian mafia in the south of France and sees how wealthy his compatriots have become at his expense, he dreams of taking back the fortune that he believes is rightfully his.

D.O.W. Volume 1 was originally published in French by Dupuis as D.O.W. Volume 1: Les ailes du loup and is now available in English as a digital comic from Europe Comics.

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