Dungeon: Parade Volume 1 – A Dungeon Too Many

One of Grovel‘s favourite series gets not just another volume this month, but a whole new branch of story, with Dungeon: Parade. The events in this book occur between Volumes One and Two of Dungeon: Zenith, giving fans of that particular strand (and if you’ve read it, how could you not be) even more adventures of Marvin and Herbert.

There are two stories in the book. The first is a slapstick tale of economic rivallry as another Dungeon opens up next door and everyone, including the Keeper’s own monsters, want to try it out. The second story sees Herbert stumble across a magic lamp with just one wish left. But what to wish for? An epic journey to consult a dying sage ensues.

If you haven’t already sampled this fantasy pastiche, the publisher promises this is a good jumping-on point, though you’ll probably find yourself itching to catch up with the other volumes anyway.

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