Essential Judge Dredd: America

Classic Judge Dredd story America is getting a lot of love from Rebellion right now. Hot on the heels of the original script comes another reprint, this time with a wealth of supporting strips.

Essential Judge Dredd: America cover

If America: Lost & Found doesn’t scratch your itch as the ultimate collection of this classic Judge Dredd storyline, perhaps Essential Judge Dredd: America will? While this version, due out from Rebellion on 3 September 2020, doesn’t reprint the long-lost script, it adds lots more. As well as the classic strip itself, it also includes contextual strips that lead up to and follow on from the story. It includes:

  • Letter From a Democrat
  • Revolution
  • Politics
  • America
  • The Devil You Know
  • Twilight’s Last Gleaming

This is the first in a curated series of Judge Dredd graphic novels, which aims to republish his best stories to date. It’s due to be followed by the second book, Essential Judge Dredd: Origins, in September 2021.

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