Ex Machina 5: Smoke Smoke

Ex Machina picks up the pace again with this volume, which sees a strong difference in politics between the superhero Hundred of the past and the Mayor Hundred of the current. Superhero Hundred goes to great lengths to arrest a drug dealer who is dealing marijuana that may be falling into the hands of youngsters. The Mayor version of the same man later admits in an interview that he’s dabbled in pot smoking himself, the sort of scandal that newspaper editors love to fill their pages with. Hundred, of course, sees it merely as an openness that characterises his honest left-leaning politics.

Ex Machina 5: Smoke Smoke - Mayor HundredThis all throws up quite an interesting view on the Mayor’s dual careers, as the shadow of hypocracy creeps across his clean-cut image. To make matters worse, there are forces that appear to be putting pressure on Hundred’s friends and allies, questioning his motives and trying to turn them away. Where this pressure is originating gives this volume a cliff-hanger to rival Vaughan’s best.

Ex Machina still has to produce a volume that really sets our world on fire, but its a consistent read that will certainly appeal to those who like a bit of serious politics with the guilty pleasure of a superhero book.

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