Glister: The Faerie Host

Are you a girl aged 10 or under? Probably not, but you might know one. If you do, and have lamented the fact that there aren’t enough comics out there for her, then Andi Watson’s Glister series might fit the bill.

The Faerie Host is the third book in the series, which is all about Glister Butterworth and the adventures she has. In this one, her mother goes missing just before Christmas, and Glister decides she ought to set off and find her (because Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without her mum). Unfortunately, on leaving the house she finds herself in Faerieland with no obvious way of getting home.

This quirky book should hit the spot for girls of the target age group, with a sassy contemporary heroine and even ideas for craft projects slotted in for fun.

Check out Andi Watson‘s Flickr preview below:

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