Last Pick 3: Rise Up

When all the traditional hero archetypes have been abducted by aliens, the fate of humanity lies in the hands of those who don’t normally get the chance to step up. Find out what happens in Last Pick.

Last Pick: Rise Up cover

Jason Walz’s Last Pick trilogy of graphic novels reaches it’s finale in October 2020 with Last Pick: Rise Up.

The YA sci-fi series, published through Macmillan’s First Second imprint, is set in a dystopian future. Aliens have taken all the young, able-bodied adults away, leaving only the very young, elderly and disabled to group together and save the world. The action is split between Earth, where a resistance group fights against their alien overlords, and on the aliens’ own planet, where kidnapped humans are forced into hard labour or to fight for the aliens in their own civil war.

“My intention was to create a story about voices that have been ignored (primarily those with disabilities) that raise their voices loud enough together to make change.”

Jason Walz

Check out the previous two books through Walz’s website if you fancy getting yourself ready for the launch of this third and final volume in October.

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