The John Steel Files

Reprinted for the first time since the 1960s, with colour added to bring it right up to date, Thriller Picture Library’s classic strip has arrived to rival the spy-based antics of James Bond.

The John Steel Files cover

The next big name you’ve possibly never heard of to come out of the treasure-trove of classic comics being reprinted by Rebellion is The John Steel Files. The strip originally appeared in a comic called Super Detective Picture Library in 1959, then regularly joined Fleetway’s Thriller Picture Library from 1960.

John Steel started out as a secret service agent in World War II but, to compete with the more modern lifestyles of James Bond and The Saint, switched to being a private detective by 1961.

These comics, illustrated by Luis Bermejo, haven’t been reprinted before. However, to bring them up to date, they’ve been digitally coloured by Pippa Bowland, bringing something new to the strips even if you still remember them from the original comics. Available from 11 November 2020.

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