Major Eazy: The Italian Campaign

Enjoy the adventures of Britain’s most laid-back WWII officer, in this reprinted Carlos Ezquerra classic from the pages of Battle

Major Eazy: The Italian Campaign cover

Collected for the first time since it was originally published in British war comic Battle, Major Eazy is coming from Rebellion’s Treasury of British Comics imprint on 4 March 2021. Its original colour spreads have been recreated to make this the best version of Major Eazy published since its original release.

Written by Alan Hebden and illustrated by Carlos Ezquerra, the eponymous Major Eazy is a rebellious British World War II officer, who routinely ignores orders and goes about the business of war in his own way. As a result he’s given command over a complicated collection of ex-convict commandos, where his laissez-faire attitude can cause the least damage and, potentially, reap the greatest rewards.

The Italian Campaign is the first of two planned volumes and covers all Major Eazy’s time in Italy, from the invasion of Sicily to the German surrender at Brenner Pass.