The Lincoln Brigade

The true story of an extraordinary group of American soldiers, who volunteered to fight against General Franco in the Spanish Civil War.

The Lincoln Brigade cover

Between World War I and World War II, fascism was on the rise across Europe. It caused division within countries, most famously in the Spanish Civil War, in which a republican resistance attempted to overthrow General Franco. It attracted fighters from across the globe, including 3,000 American volunteers, 85 of them African American, who fought as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

The Lincoln Brigade, written by Pablo Durá and illustrated by Carles Esquembre, tells their story from the perspective of Oliver Law, an African American who fought for American workers’ rights in the United States in the early 1930s. Law and his brigade smuggled themselves into Spain over the Pyrenees border with France. With little military training, Law eventually ended up leading the brigade as they fought and died for freedom on foreign soil.

The Lincoln Brigade is being published by Calibre Comics in the autumn.

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