Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere

Neil Gaiman is well-known amongst comic fans, not least of all because of his work on the seminal Sandman series. Neverwhere was Gaiman’s first and, to date, only foray into writing for television, and he later adapted the story into a novel of the same name. So this comic version is the latest in a series of versions that goes against the current trend of taking comics and converting them into other media. Oh, and although this is Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, it has actually been written by Mike Carey, with Glenn Fabry on art duties.

The story follows Richard Mahew, a perfectly normal Londoner, who finds himself slipping beyond the reality of the London he knows when he stops to help a girl in distress. However, touching her life leads Mahew into a different London – London Below. This is a shadowy world in which the station names of the London Undergound have literally come to life: Black Friars is a group of darkly-clad monks; the Angel Islington used to live in Heaven; and Night’s Bridge is a crossing that’s even more ominous than it sounds. Door, the girl who draws him in to London Below, thinks she can return him to the real London, but only if he accompanies her on a dangerous mission to save London Below.

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