Preacher 7: Salvation

Preacher: Salvation - JessePreacher: SalvationSome of the volumes that have taken the Preacher series on significant tangents have been disappointing. We’re pleased to report that this absolute corker is not one of them.

In it, we see Jesse Custer coming to terms with the importance of his quest to find his god and the frustration he feels at the climatic events of the previous book. This is achieved by having Jesse stumble upon a town in turmoil – the Salvation of the title – which needs a hard law-man to bring a local capitalist megalomaniac (not to mention murderer and pervert) into line.

The book features wonderful storytelling from Ennis and Dillon, with the usual bizarre mixture of extreme tenderness alongside healthy dashes of violence and depravity. By side-lining other lead characters from the series, Ennis has given us a chance to concentrate on Jesse and see how his character has developed over time, bolstering the empathy we already have for him.

This is a great story focusing on the human elements of the series’ main character, adding another unmissable volume to the already essential Preacher series.

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