Blade Runner 2019: Volume 1 – Los Angeles (Artist’s Edition)

Reprinting the original first volume of Blade Runner 2019 but without the colour, so we can really appreciate Andres Guinaldo’s craft

Cover of the Artist's Edition of Blade Runner 2019 - Los Angeles

Colour comics look great, so publishers are always going to have a tough time selling black and white alternatives. Having said that, seeing an original artist’s work before it’s gone through the hands of colourists can give an amazing perspective into how truly glorious it is. A page might look amazing coloured, but sometimes that process can hide skill and obscure detail that you might not otherwise see.

The Artist’s Edition of the first collection of Blade Runner 2019 comics is a case in point. Andres Guinaldo’s art in the original is great – I rated it four out of five stars in my review. But there’s something special about seeing it before the colour is applied in this unique alternative edition. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the preview pages, below.

Also included in this volume are thumbnail sketches of layouts and pencil sketches of cover development that provide a fascinating insight into Guinaldo’s creative process.

The Artist’s Edition of Blade Runner 2019: Volume 1 – Los Angeles will be on sale 26 January 2021.

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