Third World War: Book 2 – Back to Babylon

The second volume of Pat Mills’ classic dystopia from the 1980s brings Eve back home to the UK

After her Central American exploits in the first book, Eve returns to the UK in this second volume of Third World War, originally printed in episodic form in Crisis. However, her time away from home has changed her and she sees the world around her with a more political eye than before.

Written in the 80s and examining the worst side of UK politics and culture, it’s both surprising and more than a little sad that its commentary on racism is as pertinent today as it was then.

As with the previous volume, the book was written by Pat Mills, but in this volume Carlos Ezquerra is joined in his art duties by Sean Phillips, Duncan Fegredo and more. Third World War Book 2: Back to Babylon will be available from 5 January 2021.

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