Road to God Knows, The

Mental illness remains one of the biggest yet least talked about health problems we’re faced with today. While it’s clearly going to be distressing to suffer from it, or perhaps care for someone else who suffers from it, there is another layer of victims who can struggle even more – the children of parents with mental illnesses. A child in such a situation might struggle to understand what’s wrong with their parent, worry that it might be something they’ve done that’s triggered the change, and potentially find themselves unable to talk to anyone else about it.

Von Allan has been in this situation himself, having discovered his mother was a schizophrenic when he was just 11 years old. Having lived through this, he’s decided to fictionalise his experiences and turn them into a graphic novel.

While you can buy the book through many of the usual channels, Von Allan is also keen to get his book to as wide an audience as possible, so it’s also available for free in a variety of digital formats. Visit his website at for more information.

Watch the trailer:

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