Showcase Presents: Supergirl Volume 1

We know that there are a lot of Supergirl fans amongst our readers, though whether that’s because of her current adventures, in which she’s illustrated as something of a super-model, or if it’s her character that appeals, we have no idea. However, DC Comics is obviously noticing the same trend and is raiding its back catalogue for more classic Supergirl action. This volume goes back to Supergirl’s first appearances in Superman comics, which may comes as something of a surprise to most fans, since she started off as a dream of Superman’s buddy Jimmy Olsen, and didn’t appear as a second refugee from Krypton until later.

These stories are presented in black and white, which is a good thing as four colour comics look even more dated by today’s standards than seeing them in monochrome. But if you’re a true fan of Supergirl, these early stories should appeal to your sense of comic history.

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