Soon: Book 1

The story of a mother leaving her son, set over a hundred years into the future, when climate change has ravaged the Earth. Humanity’s only hope is in the stars, and Simone wants to help it survive.

Soon Book 1 cover

Set in 2150, Soon portrays an Earth devastated by climate change. Humanity’s only hope is to colonise other planets, but the distances involved make such journeys a one-way trip. 50-year-old astronaut Simone has signed up to go on a mission but it means leaving her son, Youri, forever. In this first volume, they go on a trip around the world, to experience together the planet Simone’s leaving behind.

Written by Thomas Cadène and Benjamin Adam, with art also by Benjamin Adam, Soon is a monochromatic sci-fi story of a parent’s desire to move on. Available now in two volumes from Europe Comics. Check out the trailer for the book, below:

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