Chris Gooch envisions a future where prisoners are kept underground in the ruins of our modern world.

Under-Earth cover

Chris Gooch’s Under-Earth is an ambitious 576-page graphic novel, set in a prison. This isn’t any normal prison, though. It’s a prison that’s been dug deep below the ancient city of a future civilisation, amongst the remains of what we’d now consider to be modern life, from games consoles to mobile phones.

The book tells two stories set in this world. In the first, a new inmate tries to find his place in prison society and bonds with another prisoner in their mutual appreciation of an old novel they uncover. In the second story, two women pull off a daring robbery in exchange for a chance to escape the prison. However, when they’re betrayed by the person they were working for and are forced to go on the run, they decide to exact their revenge.

Under-Earth is due to be launched by Top Shelf in October 2020.

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