Star Wars Legacy Volume 2: Shards

The Empire and the Sith are back in action, 125 years after the second Death Star was destroyed at the Battle of Yavin. But the two evil factions have torn apart and descended into war, leaving the Star Wars universe in a state of turmoil we haven’t seen since, oh, the last time everyone was waggling their lightsabers at one another.

Meanwhile, Cade Skywalker is trying to lie low and keep his strange Jedi abilities to himself (a change of name might have helped), since both sides realise the potential these Skywalkers have for tipping the balance in interplanetary affairs. But, being a young Skywalker, it seems Cade is also prone to naive behaviour: he decides to go on a private pilgrimage to Ossus, the planet the houses the remnants of the legendary Jedi Academy. Well done Cade, they’ll never think of looking for you there…

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