Tales of the Multiverse: Batman – Vampire

Tales of the Multiverse is, of course, an excuse to take Batman out of his usual comfort zone (thrashing The Joker to within an inch of his life and dropping him off at Arkham, ready for another escape) and putting him in a sandbox. Because the writers and illustrators aren’t tied to continuity and don’t have to worry about breaking the character, they can do what they want with him.

The result, in this case at least, is to bring Dracula to Gotham and see how the Dark Knight can detective his way out of that. The answer, strangely enough, is that he can’t. So instead he falls in with a team of vampires, becomes undead himself and then takes on Dracula and a selection of his more usual foes as a blood-sucking vampire. This isn’t going to go down well with Commissioner Gordon.

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