We3When you take into consideration the fact that the US navy trains dolphins to guard their ships and that scientists have developed ways of controlling the minds of insects, the basic premise behind We3 should come as no surprise. In it, three domestic animals – a dog, a cat and a rabbit – are given body armour, implants, training, simple language and an array of heavy weapons, and are sent in to do the dirty work that even a SWAT team might turn and run away from.

We3However, such experiments don’t go down so well with the general public, so when a politician pulls the plug on the project, the three animals are faced with termination. Unwilling to give up without a fight and more than capable of holding their own, the three go on the run, trying to track down their original owners who cared and loved for them as family pets.

Morrison and Quitely make an awe-inspiring team on this book. Because the language of the animals is unsophisticated, the script is tight and minimalist, leaving much of the story telling down to Quitely’s stunning visuals. His ability to portray the action in sequential images is amazing, with incredible detail and superb pacing. It’s little wonder that a movie company has already snapped up the rights to convert this into a feature film, though it hasn’t got a hope of doing justice to Quitely’s work.

While talking animals might sound cute, this is far from it. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fuel empathy and emotion in its characters’ flight. This is, in our opinion, Morrison’s imagination at its very best. And linked with a Quitely on top of his already exceptional game, We3 is simply unmissable.

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