Tales of the New Gods

When Jack Kirby left Marvel Comics to write for DC Comics in 1970, he created some enduring new characters. Perhaps chief amongst those was Darkseid, leader of Apokolips and cheif antagonist of Kirby’s New Gods series, and one of the Kirby created characters that has echoed through some of the DC Comics superheroes’ darkest hours.

This book, Tales of the New Gods, brings together some of the later works to feature Kirby’s characters. These aren’t stories by Kirby himself, though the writer and artist roster is almost as impressive, including Frank Miller, Howard Chaykin, Jeph Loeb, Dave Gibbons, Mark Millar, Jim Lee, Eddie Campbell and Steve Ditko, to name but a few. But it does feature some further adventures of the great man’s timeless characters, created by a collection of individuals more than worthy of keeping Kirby’s dreams alive.

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