Batman Annuals, The

From the DC Comics Classics Library comes another slice of comics history, reprinting the first three Batman annuals, from 1961 to 1962 (yes, we know, that’s too many to actually make them annual – the first one sold so well that the second one came out just over four months later).

Written and illustrated by some of the greatest names to work on Batman, on some of the most interesting and off-the-wall stories to surface at the time, the annuals had it all. There are also plenty of extra features too, from the no-use-to-anyone-any-more Batman calendar 1962, to the secrets of Batman’s utility belt – revealed by x-ray.

It all harks back to a time when Batman was a more innocent character and a hero for kids, well before the Dark Knight got really dark. Whether you like that will depend on your outlook but either way, there’s no denying this is a serious slice of Bat-history.

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